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Queens Subway Apartment and Loft Building & Railroad


Hunters Point, Queens



18 July 2008 - 14:35




   Here's a little known firm submitted by Gene Gerstner.

   Not much is documented about this corporation, but it was organized around 1916 to convert industrial properties in Hunters Point, Queens; to four and five story residential apartment buildings, with some scattered light commercial structures.   

   According to the New York Times newspaper article from February 6, 1916 (seen at right), M. J. Degnon transferred property on Hunters Point Avenue to the Queens Subway Apartment & Loft Building Corporation.

   Michael J. Degnon as stated, was one of the largest representatives of QSAL. He was also president of Degnon Contracting Co. (which had been the contractor for the Steinway Street subway tunnel among other subway construction projects).

   Michael J. Degnon also organized the Degnon Terminal, a large industrial / commercial loft building property, which was located in Long Island City. (You can read about Degnon Contracting in it's own chapter above). 

   In 1922, Queens Subway and Loft Building acquired a plot of land located at Skillman and Hunters Point Avenues, (this being within the Degnon Terminal), in Long Island City for the construction of a modern loft building. 

   As mentioned in the New York Times article dated October 15, 1922 (which is seen below); this new loft building would be served by the Long Island and Pennsylvania Railroads with a capacity of six freight cars.

   It is only logical that switching at this new loft building (being located in the confines of the Degnon Terminal) would be executed by Degnon Terminal locomotives until the Long Island Rail Road took over the property in 1928.


   According to locomotive builders records & resources, the Queens Subway Apartment & Loft Building Corp. owned three locomotives built by the Vulcan Iron Works, two of which still exist to this day.

   One locomotive (#1) is in storage in Alabama and unfortunately I cannot find a photo of it. Attempts in contacting the company that own the property have been without success. 

  The disposition of Queens Subway Apartment & Loft Building #2 is unknown.

  However, Queens Subway Apartment & Loft Building #3 is on public display in Rockport, Maine (see photo below).     

   I anticipate this chapter to fill out as research progresses. 

Camden - Rockport Historical Society - Rockport, ME
unknown date
unknown photographer


Queens Subway Apartment & Loft Building Corp Steam Locomotive Roster

number /


gauge wheel
cylinders acquired disposition notes ref
#1 VIW 3340 8/1923 36” 0-4-0T 30 ½ 9x14 new to: Chase Metal Works;
sold: 1/27/31 to Grey Steel Products;
sold: 3/24/32 to Cheney Lime & Cement #1, Allgood, AL
(in storage)
29000 lbs [8]
#2 VIW 3374 8/1923 36” 0-4-0T 30 ½ 9x14 new to: American Clay Products;
then unknown
29000 lbs [8]
#3 VIW 3380 9/1923 36” 0-4-0T 30 ½ 9x14 new to: John S. Lane & Sons;
Basalt Trap Rock Co., Alexandria, PA;
rebuilt in 4/1948 by Madden Boiler Works of Hollidaysburg, PA;
Kovalchick Salvage, Sykesville, PA;
currently on display at Camden - Rockport Historical Society, Rockport, ME
29000 lbs [8]

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